I’ve been working on a couple more fabric collections. Here are the results!! spoonflower luluhoo


So much fun


More fun fabric


Two New Fabric Collections

Here are my first two fabric collections for sale at spoonflower….pretty exciting.

Designed by yours truly. luluhoo at spoonflower take a peek.

Photoshop fabric designing

As I’ve said in the past I love learning new things. My latest learning curve has been scheduling sleep for three little kids and trying to find some peace and quiet for a bit of creativity. I’ve come to the realization that if I really want this quiet time to create I have to choose between sleep or creativity. I end up going to bed most nights no later then 12am, those are the creative nights. The nights I choose sleep I’ll usually go down about 8pm.

For those of you who wonder how I find time to be creative(I get asked quiet often) its simple. I love it!!! What you love you find the time to do. I don’t want you to think I do it all by any means. My laundry piles up, the dishes need doing and truthfully I am not a very tidy person. I do feel much better about sitting down to sew or design when the house is clean but sometimes I have to let it go. One thing I know about myself is this….When I have time to be creative it helps me feel more alive. I’m sure this makes me a better person to be around and a better mom as well.

Here is what I’ve been designing on spoonflower.

Thanks to my sweet husband my photo shop skills are much improved.

Making a relaxing Neck Warmer

Materials you’ll need:
1. One fat quarter of cotton fabric (21inches x 18inches).
2. 18inches of 1/2 cotton rope.
3. Approximately 4 cups of rice, corn or flax.
4. Scissors
5. Sewing machine
6. Thread
7. Iron and ironing table

***It might also be nice to add a sent to your neck warmer…I’ve used lavender oil, dried lavender, citrus oil, and dried tea bags (I chose chamomile tea).


1. Cut out 1 piece of fabric measuring 21inches x 10 inches. Cut 2 pieces of fabric measuring 8 inches x 2.5inches.
2. Take the 18inch rope and cut it in half so you have two 9inch pieces.  Put these aside.
3. Take the 21 x 10inch pieces of fabric and fold it in half long ways with right sides together so it measures 21x5inches and iron it. Put this aside.
4. Take the two pieces of 8×2.5inch fabric and fold them in half long ways with the right sides together and iron them down.
5. Now sew along the long edge of the 8×2.5 inch folded fabric. Turn it right side out after you’ve sewn it and slide the rope inside of it. Do this with both pieces of fabric and rope. You’ve now made the handles.
6. Now take the main body of fabric and one of the handles you’ve made. Open the main body of fabric up and at one of the shorter ends pin the handle in place with the loop on the inside of the fabric fold. As shown in the picture.
7. Sew down the handle end and the long side of the fabric. Then turn out.
8. At the open end fold it inside about 1/4 of an inch and iron it down (this will make sewing the neck warmer closed much easier).
9. Now it should act like a bag with one open end and the other end with a handle on it. These next few steps are where you get to choose where you want the rice to sit in the neck warmer and how firm you want it.
10. I like to use pins and measure where I want to make my sewing lines. For this example, I’ve measured 5inches from the sewn bottom of the neck warmer and placed a pin off to the side.
11. Next you’ll pour about 1 cup of rice into the neck warmer body and then sew across at the 5inch mark.
12. For this specific neck warmer I’ve chosen to sew right up the middle long ways making two long sections but I chose to stop 5 inches from the other side so it will turn out even in weight.
13. Now pour about 1 cup of rice into each long tube you’ve made in the body of the neck warmer. As seen in the photo.
14. Sew across the top five inches down to seal the rice in the tubes.
15. Now pour the remaining 1cup of rice into the last section of the neck warmer.
16. Now take that last handle and insert each end into the body of the neck warmer and pin it into place as seen in the photo.
17. Be careful the rice is still loose. Sew along the edge sealing everything in and then sew over it a second time especially on the handles since they are holding all the weight of the rice.
18. Go back on the other end and sew over the handles on that end to strengthen the handles there too.
19. Toss your finished produce into the microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on the microwave and how much rice you chose to put in and your done and warm.

Some different options:
o You can use more or less rice in each section to make it stiffer or looser.
o You can make a slip cover for it so you can wash it.  Just cut out a piece of fabric 23 x 11inches and fold in half iron it down and sew up the long end then hem each of the shorter ends. Your finished product should have two open ends for the handles to poke out of.
o You could also make more sections in the neck warmer it would just take a little more sewing.
Example:  sew down the center add a 1/8 cup of rice to each side the sew at the 2 inch mark and continue doing this till you reach the top.

These would make great gifts for the coming cold season!!!

Our third little person has entered the word….three months ago(July 27th).

We (my hubby and I) now are the proud parents of not only Henry Soda Pop and Leucadia Jane, but also Olive Grace.  She came into this world in the most pleasant way possible given the way babies make their entrance. I’ll give the details in a post titled “Olives Entrance”.

My husband had been out-of-town for 5 weeks prior to her birth, he was home for a whopping 2 days when she decided to come out. She was 10 days early not a moment too soon and out of my three birthing experiences she was the easiest and most stress free of them all.


How could you not love these faces!!!